Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alright, Youse Mugs...

What's this drawin' all about, eh?

This past January, I started up a Let's Play of a somewhat-known Super Nintendo platformer that goes by the name of Plok!* It's a game that tries your patience through some really un-fun vehicle segments and a punishing level of difficulty while simultaneously setting your heart aflutter with its brightly-colored visuals and rad musics.

Plok! is the second game that I've done a screenshot and text Let's Play of for the forums over at Gamespite.net. Doing a Let's Play of an action game in this format can be a bit tough; part of the appeal of an action game is to have some, well, action thrust upon your braincheeks. I find it difficult to translate that same sort of energy into text, so for both of my screenshot/text Let's Plays, I adopted a TV-program style gimmick to make entertaining the readers easier.

With my Zombies Ate My Neighbors Let's Play, I set it up to be like one of those crummy late-night horrorthons that would litter public access TV stations. Plok! was more like a Saturday-morning cartoon style theme with a neurotic, petty thief as the host. 

The image above is what I drew as part of the Let's Play's finale. I'd like to tell you more about how it got there, but- oh? What's this? A convenient link to the Let's Play, you say? Sure, why not!

*I don't know if the exclamation point is part of the actual title or not, but for amusement's sake let's say it is.